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Some Important Facts About Apple You Should Know

The following is a list of ludicrous facts and data about Apple that are absolutely astonishing and mind-blowing:

1. Apple gets US$300,000 per minute.

2. One of the original founders of Apple Inc. sold all of his shares for $800. If sold at today’s prices, they would have brought in $35 billion US.

3. Everything you say to Siri is transmitted to Apple where it is parsed, saved, and analyzed.

4. The iPhone from Apple has more sales than every product that Microsoft has to offer combined.

5. The value of the Apple brand is estimated to be 118.9 billion US dollars. It is the most valuable brand in the entire globe.

6. For a considerable amount of time, Apple’s laptops emitted a luminous version of the company’s logo when in operation, but this behavior was reversed in the 1990s. Apple believed that the Apple logo should be oriented correctly when the user tried to open the laptop, since this would prevent users from trying to open the laptop from the incorrect side.

7. Apple is the largest information technology firm in the world based on sales and total assets, and it is the world’s second-largest mobile phone maker.

8. If you use iTunes, you have already promised to refrain from using anything manufactured by Apple in the production of nuclear weapons.

9. Apple’s revenue for the first three months of 2014 was greater than that of Google, Facebook, and Amazon combined.

10. Apple has enough cash on hand (about $150 billion), that the company could purchase Facebook. Another option would be for it to acquire companies like Netflix, Tesla, Twitter, Dropbox, Pandora, and Spotify. Indeed, each and every one.

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11. The first version of Apple’s logo depicted Sir Isaac Newton sitting beneath a tree with an apple about to fall on his head. However, the business decided to modify the design after realizing that the logo was too realistic to be effective when printed in a tiny size.

12. In 2012, Apple averaged daily sales of 340,000 iPhones.

13. The retina display used by Apple in their iPads is actually made by Samsung.

14. Tim Cook is responsible for the employment of around 92,600 individuals. On the other hand, Samsung’s electronics section alone is responsible for the employment of more than 275,000 employees, which is more than Apple, Google, and Microsoft combined.

15. The value of Apple surpasses that of the whole Russian stock market combined.

16. When it comes to cash on hand for operations, Apple has twice as much as the United States Treasury.

17. If you look closely at the photos of the iPhone that Apple uses in its advertisements, you’ll see that the time is always set at 9:41. This is the moment when Steve Jobs showed out the very first iPhone to the public.

18. Prior to selling the gadget to Apple, the designer of the iPod Tony Fadell approached Philips and Real Networks with the idea. They both declined the offer, stating that they didn’t believe there was much of a future in it.

19. If you traveled through time to 1991 and tried to purchase all of the components that go into an iPhone, it would cost you more than $3 million (about £1.9 million). Just the RAM will set you back 1.44 million dollars.

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20. When a team at Apple is working on anything new, the employees usually find out when a crew of carpenters goes into the office and constructs walls around their desks.

21. If you want a job at Apple, you have a higher chance of getting admitted to Harvard University than you have of landing a job at Apple.

22. When the initial prototype of Apple’s iPod was introduced to Steve Jobs, he promptly dropped it in an aquarium and exploited the air bubbles to demonstrate that there was free space and that it could be made smaller.

23. Because it is resistant to bullets, the battery in an Apple Macbook might save your life in the event of a shooting.

24. Approximately sixty percent of the apps available in the Apple App Store have never been downloaded by a customer.

25. In 1986, Apple introduced a range of clothes to the market.

27. The warranty on Apple devices is invalidated if they are smoked close.

28. As CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs would only take out one dollar (US) a year as his pay from the company’s account.

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