The Effects Of Eating To Many Sweets

To begin, the condition of your teeth will decline pretty quickly in the coming days and weeks. The bacteria in your mouth are able to make very efficient use of simple carbohydrates, which leads to the formation of acids as a byproduct of the bacteria’s metabolic process. Acids have the ability to disintegrate bones, despite the fact that bones are mostly made up of alkaline minerals.

Second, consuming a large number of simple carbohydrates might cause oxidative stress in the body by producing by-products of metabolism such as AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products). Because of this, your body will be more vulnerable to conditions that are caused by oxidative damage, such as cancer. Additionally, it will hasten the process of aging.

Third, because of the surges in insulin, your pancreas will go wild, and it’s likely that you’ll acquire diabetes first, which will be preceded by insulin resistance. Fluctuations in blood sugar will also have an effect on cognitive ability. You may experience things such as “brain fogs” etc.

Fourth, is the impact on the chemical makeup of the brain. Because sweets have dopaminergic effects on the brain, which are comparable to those of narcotics, you run the risk of developing problems with activities that are dependent on dopamine. It’s possible that some of them are psychological, such as a lack of motivation or even apathy.

Fifth, you’re going to take a lot of damage to your liver. When there is a lot of sugar present, the liver has to work much harder to convert it into fat tissue. Additionally, fructose is a contributor in its own right to the development of fatty liver disease.

Sixth, you will experience a significant weakening of your immune system. An excessive amount of sugar can inhibit the response of the immune system. The immune system makes the body act “sluggish.” It’s possible that bacterial and yeast infections will be particularly easy for you to get. For example, simple sugars prevent the body from properly absorbing vitamin C.

Seventh, you will experience a detrimental shift in the bacteria that live in your stomach. The growth of “sugar-loving” bacteria and yeasts in your gut is encouraged by the consumption of simple sugars. This results in a disruption in the production of numerous hormones and vitamins that are dependent on the gut flora. Also stomach troubles.

On initial reflection, there aren’t many issues that spring to mind as being problematic. Undoubtedly, there are a great many more.

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