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Three Ghanaian Foods That Tastes Great

So, you are thinking about going to Ghana, are you?

Excellent decision! Naturally, as a Ghanaian, I would be overjoyed by the news.

The cuisine of Ghana is very varied. There are a wide variety of meals, flavors, aromas, and components. To sample all of Ghana’s culinary offerings would need a very considerable amount of time and effort. On the other hand, there are a few of my all-time favorites that you simply must sample.

1. Waakye

The cuisine known as waakye has a great deal of popularity. Rice and beans are simmered together to create this dish. If you go to Ghana, you just cannot leave the country without trying waakye.

Despite the fact that it is possible to make waakye at home, there are a number of street stalls that sell it. There are others who believe that the waakye sold on the street is superior to the waakye cooked at home. If you are in an urban location on a Saturday morning and you observe a huge line of people in front of a food stand, there is a good possibility that they are waiting to buy waakye. Waakye is the most excellent option.

2. Grilled shito peppers, banku, and fish served with

Balls made of dough made from corn and cassava are a fundamental component of banku. It is stunning when served with shito peppers and grilled fish. Simply stunning in every way. You won’t be able to resist asking for more. There are no words to adequately explain how wonderful this dish is.

Oh, I also neglected to mention that. Ghana is known for its Shito hot sauce.

3. Soup and fufu for dinner

West Africans love their fufu, and it’s easy to see why. Cassava, plantain, or a combination of the two is pounded to create the Ghanaian staple food known as fufu. You can eat fufu with any soup of your choosing, and the combination is sure to make your mouth water. Many Ghanaians consider it to be their go-to meal option.

The verdict on these dishes is “okay.” The only way for me to effectively explain them is with the emoji that has eyes in the shape of hearts. Literally. Even at this late hour, I’m beginning to feel hungry. Sigh

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